Animal Lovers

The love of animals is a wonderful thing. Karen is a life-long animal lover, who also is dedicated to supporting animals in need. One way of doing so through this Website is by providing timely resources for others who seek to show love to animals and to help those in need of support.

Initial resources for our new Website are:

  • Animal Awakenings: ~ Valuable resources for animal lovers and for the support of animal nonprofit organizations.
  • OnLine Resources: Want to pick up some great tips for helping animal nonprofits (and others) support more animals more? Check out this free online newsletter from our animal-loving friends at TVSC!
  • Cold Weather Pet Care: Short but informative e-book (10 pages) on caring for dogs, cats and other animals in cold weather. Includes important considerations often not thought of. Aimed at protecting health, safety and well being of pets and other animals. Includes health conditions impacted by cold. Offers ways to avoid pain and discomfort for animal family members. Presents a mix of action steps. Just $2.99 and proceeds go to charity to help animals. Click here!                                               

E-Book Special: Click here for Animal Cold Weather Care E-book  time-limited FREE copy!                                                                      


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